The Abridged Opinion: When Terror Strikes Home

During the 117th running of the historic Boston Marathon, people were not only trying to reach a personal best – they were also running for their lives.  Terror came to Boston.  More specifically, it came to the Boston Marathon.  It is a place where people from all over the world gathered to cheer on and support runners at all levels.  There was no political agenda.  There were no protests.  The Boston Marathon represents what the majority of people want in the world – to be respected for who they are.  But that was not to be.  Instead, a person or group decided that the marathon would be a place of fear, of horror, and of tragedy.  Over 140 people were injured in two bomb blasts that rocked Boylston Street near the marathon finish line.  Three people were killed – one of them an 8-year old boy.  When man turns his back on humanity, all is lost.

Or is it?

People did not run away.  But instead, they ran towards the danger.  The fallen were helped by marathon personnel, EMTs, police officers, soldiers, and strangers.  Debris was cleared. Barriers were lifted.  Despite the concern of another bomb blast, people rushed in without hesitation to comfort those who had been injured.  That’s what Boston is all about.  That’s what humanity is all about.  Good, decent people who want to help.  Whoever did this did not claim a victory on Monday.  The real victors were the men and women who lent a hand to help others.

Boston will mourn its dead.  It will heal the wounded.  And like the mythical Phoenix, it will rise again.


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