How Not To End A Relationship

Most of us have been there before. The messy break-up. The tears. The strange, cliche need for a huge tub of ice cream. Other times in particular instances of really bizarre and hurtful endings, we may want to carry out revenge. (Believe me, I have been there, and incredibly recently) However, as hard as it is to scale back and not actually do whatever it is you really want to do to your ex, there are some things you shouldn’t do when you break-up with someone.

1. The Text Message

In this digital age it’s easy to grab your phone and shoot off an email or a text message to end a relationship. In fact, it may feel more comfortable to do so. But it’s not the right way to go about things. It’s a bit tacky and disrespectful. As uncomfortable as it is, it’s important to pick up the phone or go in person to have that final conversation.

2. The Facebook Status Change

Announcing on Facebook or changing a status before talking to your significant other is just juvenile. If you are in a committed, mature relationship, end things in the respectful manner.

3. The Fade Out

Ignoring someone or trying to fade them out by stopping communication with them is definitely NOT the way to end things with someone. It’s hurtful and pretty immature. Again, the decent thing to do is to, at the very least, make that phone call.

4. Moving

This should not come as a shock, but moving to another state or country without telling someone is a huge no no. (cough) There really shouldn’t be a need for an explanation here. Just don’t do it.

5. Holidays

Try to avoid doing the break-up on someone’s birthday or Christmas or New Year’s, and especially Valentine’s Day. It will ruin the holidays and it’s just poor timing.

If you have suffered through a hideous break-up, know you are not alone. There are hundreds of terrible break-up stories out there. Additionally, we can all learn from them and try to approach our own break-up situations with maturity and tact. (Although in some circumstances this may be extremely difficult to do) Here’s a few more for the road.


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