Boston Marathon Aftermath


Shadows of spectators cheering on Boston Marathon runners.

In line with an earlier post, When Terror Strikes Home, we at Life Abridged are shaken by the events yesterday at the Boston Marathon. I was at mile 23 cheering on the runners before the explosion and was impressed with the atmosphere of support, camaraderie, and happiness. People from all over the world came to run together and, likewise, people from all over the world were on the sidelines cheering them on.

When news of the explosion came, all that happiness was forgotten in seconds and was replaced by confusion and sadness. How could such a pleasant and exciting day turn so quickly?

While Boston is still in a state of confusion and trying to piece together what happened, let’s remember all those injured in the blast and the families of those lost. We at Life Abridge mourn with you and, for those injured, hope for your recovery. All of Boston is healing with you.



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