Jessica Arnold is a grad student in publishing, a YA writer, and a big fan of fuzzy slippers. She will never say no to a round of Boggle.

Phoebe Bekker is a graduate student and freelance proofreader/copyeditor in Boston, MA. In less than six years she has lived in three different states, driven across the United States three times, and picked up a husband along the way. With the help of a few short cuts and a lot of faking it, she has learned how to find the calm in the chaotic.

Kelly Anne Clinton is a grad student studying publishing. She loves writing, painting, traveling, and all things that have to do with children. Currently she spends most of her days talking, playing, dancing, and (mostly) negotiating with a three- and four-year-old.

Courtney Coats is a graduate student living in Boston. She was born and raised in North Carolina, and is a southern girl at heart. An avid reader, she aspires to be a part of publishing books that matter. As a stationery consultant at a local paper store and a bride-to-be (in October!), much of her life revolves around weddings, weddings, weddings. Her other interests include dogs (especially her two-year-old cockapoo, Gatsby), cooking and baking, entertaining, and exploring the city she lives in.

Kate Edeker is currently a grad student and writing tutor in Boston. While in undergraduate, she worked in the kitchen of a Mediterranean restaurant, where she fell deeply and permanently in love with the culinary world. She also spends her time running and reading and traveling and watching baseball.

Katrina Gravel is an editorial assistant working and living just north of Boston; she is also a part-time student in Emerson’s master’s program for publishing and writing. When she’s not working, studying, or writing, she spends her time training for long-distance road races, skiing, cooking and baking, and planning her June 2013 wedding. Needless to say, she enjoys learning (and sharing!) tips that save her time and/or money.

Nicole Leete is a dog-loving, book freak of a cheese head who grew up by the beach and can’t imagine living anywhere else. She aspires to be the next Phil Mickelson but failing, so by day she works in government for an east coast municipality and is studying e-publishing.

Shirley Jones-Luke is a mother, teacher, student, and writer living in Dorchester.  She is married with a young son and two rambunctious cats.  Her interests include reading, writing, fashion, travel, and music.  She enjoys spending time with her son, learning new things, and working on her writing.


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