How to Find the Right Bathing Suit For You

As winter comes to a close and summer begins to call out, women everywhere groan as they realize swimsuit season is just around the corner. Coming out of hibernation and ditching all of those layers can be a tough transition. But swimsuit ready or not, there are ways to find the right bathing suit for you.

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The first step is to determine your body shape. Do you have an hour glass figure? Or perhaps pear-shaped? Are you a bit more circular? Knowing your body type will help you to find the best suit that fits your body.

Next determine the best color and patterns for you. Accentuate the areas of your figure that are the most flattering.

Solids: Solids can help downplay your bust if you’re a bit bigger on top. (Solids are useful for hiding problem areas)

Patterns: Bold patterns on top will draw attention away if you have bigger hips. (Patterns highlight areas you want to flaunt)

A mix: Mixing patterns with solid colors can help draw attention to the right places, while taking focus away from the areas you want to hide.


Finally you want to choose the suit that fits you best– Do you feel most comfortable in a one piece? Tankini? Are you brave enough for a bikini? These days companies make all different types of suits to help cover what you want and flaunt what you’ve got.

The Tankini: If you’re a bit busty, tankinis may be the way to go for you. (Spandex tops with under-wire can also be a good choice.)

The One piece: If you’re looking to hide more, a one piece, especially a ruched one will help do the trick.

The Bikini: There are many different types of bikinis to choose from– side ties are great if you have fuller hips; tops with padding work well if you want a little extra help; wider bottoms will create more curves.






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