Releasing Your Inner Poet

April is National Poetry Month.  It’s a time when poets – old and new – share their works with the world.  Are you a Frost fan?  Passionate about Poe? Maybe you just love the dickens out of Dickinson! Or are you looking for an emerging poetic superstar?

Perhaps you need help distinguishing a meter from a rhyme or a line from a stanza. What is iambic pentameter anyway? Alliteration isn’t always clear.  What is assonance and consonance, doggone it?!  Whatever the case may be, now is the time to explore poetry.

Here are some sites to help in your exploration:

Poetry Daily – Famous for its Poem a Day (PAD) – Currently featuring a new poem every day in April for National Poetry Month.  Tip:  Check out Carl Phillip’s “Blizzard” from April 1st. – Features in-depth information about National Poetry Month and provides lessons for teachers. Has an archive of thousands of poets from the past, present, and future. – Provides a variety of poems and an opportunity to post your own. Share your work with thousands!

The internet provides many more sites with resources for the reader and writer of poetry. Use National Poetry Month as a chance to explore different poetic forms such as Acrostic, Free Verse, and Tanka.  Read the bios of poets such as Maya Angelou, Stephen Dunn, and Natasha Trethewey (current U.S. Poet Laureate).  Finally, share poetry with your friends and family.  Discuss poetry. There are poems for any occasion and can bring new perspectives on the world around us.   Enjoy!


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