Android or Apple?

When it comes to choosing a phone today, the process can be much more complicated than from even a few years ago. While the choices you have depend on the carrier you belong to, there are still numerous options to choose from, and most companies now carry both Androids and iPhones. It’s not a question of which type of phone is better, it’s a question of what works best for you and your needs. So it all boils down to whether you want to go with an Android or Apple device.

To help you make a decision here are a few basic facts about your options:


  • There are many brands to choose from. Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Blackberry
  • Many of the Android phones have a much large screens (Especially in comparison to the iPhone)
  • There are hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from– the Android Store is catching up to Apple
  • When you want to share photos or videos, there is a long list to choose from– many more than just Facebook and Twitter
  • The Android App Store is an open one– meaning anyone can submit an app to the store (Meaning not every app is checked or monitored for quality)
  • You can customize your Android phone


  • There is only one iPhone. Yes, there are upgrades that spring up every year– the iPhone 4, 4S, and now the iPhone 5, but overall it’s the same phone. The biggest decisions to make when buying an iPhone is whether to pick a black or white one, and the amount of space you want. These days the typical price range starts out at $200 plus taxes for the basic 16 g, and goes up from there.
  • There’s a consistent user face throughout all of the models
  • There are thousands of apps to choose from– According to Apple, there are over 700,000 apps available in the Apple Store (The App Store is closed– Apple determines what makes it into the store)
  • Photo Stream– Pictures taken on your phone automatically show up on your other devices, like your computer, iPad, or iPod
  • There are several iPhone specific apps like Passbook where you can store coupons, gift certificates, boarding passes, and more, consolidating all of your important documents in one place
  • In the past, new apps have been available on the iPhone first (Instagram) but this may change

    When searching for a new phone, the best policy is to check out the phones in the store and get a feel for them. It doesn’t hurt to check out reviews or ask your friends about their phones.


One response to “Android or Apple?

  1. Personally, the iPhone doesn’t do it for me. It feels much more like a gimmick that people buy into. Re-releasing the same product labelling it with an S or another number does not float my boat. I would much rather the Android. But that’s just me.

    Nice post!

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