Three Reasons to Indulge This Easter

Happy Easter from all of us here at Life Abridged!

Whether we find it tucked inside an Easter egg, hidden in an Easter basket, or filling up a jar, candy will be everywhere today. Even the best and most health-conscious of us have to struggle to resist the temptation of Easter candy (and the guilt that follows when we succumb).

But Easter is a celebration—of religious significance for many, but also of the coming of Spring for others. Whatever one’s religious affiliation or reason for celebrating, no one wants to spend the day shrouded in guilt.

Luckily—because we all need a little reassurance at times like these—I have three good reasons to NOT feel guilty about indulging in sweet treats this Easter:

  1. Chocolate is good for you.While chocolate is far from being a “health food,” certain properties of chocolates do carry health benefits. Medical experts say that there are antioxidants in cocoa beans that reduce risk factors for heart disease. In addition, eating chocolate has also been linked with reduced risk for diabetes, stroke, and heart attack.If you’re especially worried about eating the best chocolate for you, reach for Easter candy containing dark chocolate: experts suggest choosing chocolate that has a cocoa content of at least 65 percent.
  2. Eating candy helps you live longer.A Harvard alumni health study revealed that those who ate candy (in moderation) lived upto a year longer than those who did not indulge. The benefits of eating candy were not progressive, however: it’s not as if the more candy you eat, the longer you will live. As with everything in life, the study suggests, moderation is key—but indulging on Easter is certainly permissible.
  3. It only comes once a year.The best Easter candy—Cadbury eggs, Cadbury mini eggs, Reese’s mini eggs, and giant chocolate bunnies—is only available once a year. And those of us who don’t make a habit of purchasing candy for ourselves on a regular basis will find that Easter Sunday is pretty much the only day of the year when eating these delicious little (or large, in some cases) treats will be an option, let alone an indulgence.

At the very least, reassure yourself with the fact that somewhere, there is someone who is eating exponentially more Easter candy than you are—and it’s probably a child whose parents will have to deal with the repercussions. So grab a few Cadbury mini eggs, a handful of jellybeans, and a chocolate bunny ear, and enjoy your indulgent autonomy. Although spring is here, bathing-suit season is still a few months away.


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