The Annual Ritual – Spring Cleaning

Clutter, clutter everywhere and not any floor space to spare! 

Yes, Spring has sprung and while the grass is still brown and the trees are still bare, your home needs a fresh start on the new season.

But that begs the question – where to begin?  If you’re like me, the answer is from attic to basement.  If you’re also like me, you know some rooms will not see a broom or a mop any time soon.  But the cleaning has to be done and putting it off will only make the work harder. So, it’s time to roll up the sleeves, put on the big, yellow gloves and grab the spray bottle. 

Here are some tips to make spring cleaning easier:

1. Make a list – Which rooms need to be tackled first? The kitchen? The bathroom?  The living room? Examine the most used spaces in your home and that’s where your work will begin. Next, organize the rooms by order of importance (or which one needs the most cleaning). Once that’s done, note the work that needs to be completed.

2. Break the work down into manageable chunks – Cleaning is a daunting task. What has helped me is doing smaller tasks that can be completely fairly quickly.  Take the kitchen, for example. The dishes need to be washed, the floor needs to be mopped, and the trash needs to be taken out.  I would start with the dishes, clear the clutter in the kitchen, and then take out the trash. Once that’s completed, I would then mop the floor. Start with the easiest task first and then work your way up.

3. Set a time – Giving yourself a time limit to finish a task helps to keep you focused. For example, if you’re sorting through magazines, give yourself 10 minutes to review and organize that material.  Don’t get too caught up in reading!  What I usually do is examine the front cover of the magazine.  If it has articles that I’m interested in, I keep them. If not, it’s set aside for recycling. 

4. Take a break – If you’re planning on a day’s worth of cleaning, it’s a good idea to build in some breaks throughout the day.  A few minutes of rest can make the cleaning less challenging.  It will also give you a chance to think and re-assess the work.  I would suggest a short 5 – 10 break for every 1 – 2 hours of cleaning.

5. Plan for the next day – Remember, don’t try to finish all the cleaning at once.  You will only get discouraged.  At the end of the day, review what you have done and plan for the next day. Kitchen done? Check.  What’s next?  The bathroom.  You can then gather the materials needed to tackle the next task.

Cleaning is never fun, but it can be easier through planning, organizing, and breaking tasks down into smaller chunks.  It will take time, but if you manage your time wisely, your home will be all the better for it.  Happy cleaning!      


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