Winning the Grocery Store

I don’t know about you, but when I go grocery shopping, I enter a void. Yes, I’ll have that sample! Oh no, basket’s full, better get a cart. Tra la la. A sale on gummy bears is certainly hard to pass up… And suddenly I’ve spent two hours and have forgotten the eggs that I wanted to buy. Here are some tips to get you in and out quickly, without an excess of candy bars and funny-shaped fruit.5787003804_fa51729b4b_b

  • Make a list: Not super exciting, or very inventive, but you really need to do this. It especially helps if you list things from different sections together (dairy, produce, dry goods, etc.). Also, don’t deviate from this list. Why do you think you made it if not to follow it?
  • Try the generic brands: While it’s true that they don’t have the flash of the familiar,frosted-mini-spooners toothy-grinned mascots, or the names
    you have known from ads, the generic brands are often exactly the same as the name-brand items. This doesn’t hold true for everything, but why not test it out.
  • Check price per unit: Nowadays, there will be a small number on the price tag, next to the price, that should tell you what the price per pound/unit is. Obviously, go with the cheapest price per unit. If your grocery store doesn’t provide this number, use the calculator in you phone.
  • Bag smart: Bring your own bags. This will help A) save the world and B) get rid of that giant pile of plastic bags under your sink. Also, cold things should always go in the same bag and double bag your meat.
  • Organize your pantry: Not a supermarket hack you might say. FALSE. Organizing the food you already have ensures that you don’t accidentally buy another bag of flour when you have a full one in the cupboard.

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