Spring Fashion Report

      Despite winter’s determined grip , spring is just around the corner.  Soon, the air will warm, the birds will be nesting in the trees, and the grass will become green once again.  We will finally be able to shed our winter coats for lighter jackets and sweaters.  But every new spring brings the same question – What to wear?  Well, here’s the answer in one word – COLOR!  Yes, color is key for Spring 2013.  And color is not the sole domain of women this year – men, too can embrace the vibrancy of the season.  From sky blue to sea foam green, men and women can strut their stuff straight from the Crayola box.  Basically, designers have recreated the looks of past decades and given them a modern twist.  This season, we’re seeing every decade represented beginning with the 1960s.  The mod look inspired by Mad Men is definitely a leading trend with the Bohemian style of the 1970s a close second.  Fluorescent colors from the 1980s are making a comeback in clothing and in makeup. While bright is the focus, unlike the past, you won’t be glowing in the dark.  While the grunge-style of the 1990s has received a 21st century upgrade.  Grunge can now be worn at work without your boss thinking you just rolled out of bed. The laid-back style has been given an air of refinement with structured jackets and boots with metallic toes.  All of these styles have been re-imagined for men and women.  For the ladies, there are the exacting cuts of Mod pantsuits and the flowing dresses from the Boho era.  For the men, skinny slacks with form-fitting jackets put a new spin on swagger.   If color isn’t your style, don’t despair – black and white is also a current wardrobe must-have.  For the ladies, tops and bottoms have been wrapped in black and white stripes, geometric patterns, and color blocked. For guys, you don’t need a “suit and tie” a la Justin Timberlake. Shirts, pants, and shoes have been re-purposed in crisp shirts and stylish pants.

Whichever trend you choose this season, remember to experiment and have fun.  Spring is about renewal.  It’s a time to try new things and explore different interests.  So why not start with your wardrobe?



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