Hangover Cures

One shot, two shot, three shot, four.

St. Patty’s Day has come and gone, leaving behind crowds of bleary-eyed, exhausted people stumbling around like zombies; groaning as they have to wake-up to a regular ole Monday morning (but feeling satisfied after having an epic weekend). If you are one of those people and are suffering from a killer hangover today, or any other day, remember some of these tips to help get you through your day.

  • The Classic: Drink water. Alcohol can be dehydrating. Vitamin water is a good way to go—it can help give you a bit of a boost.
  • Reenergize: Grab some simple snacks. Try some bread, pretzels or saltines to help absorb the alcohol. Binging on greasy food isn’t always the most realistic way to go.
  • Go Green: Asparagus and Artichokes can help relieve your symptoms.
  • Exercise: It may be painful to do, but getting up and moving around can work wonders.
  • Sleep: Sleep can be a great way to work through a hangover. If you can, try to sleep in or take a nap.
  • Moderation: Take some aspirin, but in moderate doses– aspirin can upset the stomach.My disclaimer: There is no perfect, quick hangover cure. Sometimes you have to experiment  a bit to see what works best for you. Some people swear by taking B-vitamins before drinking and say it helps with avoiding such a bad aftermath the morning after a night out. And yes, drinking moderately will most likely help you to avoid suffering the next day, but if that approach doesn’t happen, try out a few hangover cures to see which helps you the most.

    Photo Credit: Cheezburger.com

    Photo Credit: Cheezburger.com


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