Inbox Zero, or at least Inbox Reduced

With all of the spam email that attacks your inbox on an hourly schedule, things often get lost in the avalanche.

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 7.01.33 PM

But there is a way around this, and though it may seem daunting, your life will instantly de-stress as you begin deleting those old messages. Here are some ways to achieve the glorious inbox zero.

  1. Hit the unsubscribe button. We all get emails promising SALES! and EXCITING MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS! and LAST MINUTE DEALS! Chances are, only about 75% of these are solicited and even fewer are read. I have no idea why hitting the unsubscribe link is so difficult, but I often just delete these emails, only to get five more the next day. Do yourself a favor and go through the 30 seconds it takes to remove all of those emails from your life.
  2. Open a text document. Alright, so you’re a sentimental packrat. Those emails from your high school best friend, the misspelled recipe from your aunt, the invitation to interview for your first big job—these are all notes you can’t bare to part with. So don’t, but just don’t keep them in your inbox. Open a text document on your computer and copy/paste. Documents are meant to be saved like this. Emails are not.
  3. Make sure your inbox is cleared at night. When you wake up in the morning, chances are you will be greeted with a collection of pretty, unread messages. Don’t get caught behind. It is best if you make sure nothing is in your inbox before the next day’s deluge begins.
  4. Do something with your emails RIGHT AWAY! Every single time you get a new message, do something about it. Respond, file, archive, or delete every message the first time you read it. Don’t have time to do this? Then you probably don’t have time to be checking your email.

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