How to Navigate the Vegas Playground

Las Vegas is definitely an adult play ground. Everywhere you turn there are vices, bright lights, and someone looking to take your money one way or another. Aside from gambling, tipping, and high taxes, you can wind up spending hundreds without even realizing it. Between the food, different activities (Paris Eiffel Tower, New York rollercoaster, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, VIP Club Crawl), and travel expenses, it’s easy to leave with empty pockets. However, here are a few things (helpful and interesting), I’ve learned from my spring break trip to Las Vegas.

  •  Watch out for daily resort fees at most of the major hotels on and around the strip. They are not always up front with the extra fees and can surprise you at check-out time.
  •  If you even touch any of the welcome drinks or snacks in your hotel room in the mini bar or elsewhere, you can be charged.
  • Girls get into clubs for free in most places; guys can expect to pay a pretty hefty cover of $50 or more in certain places.
  • If you’re young looking, be prepared to flash your ID at serious men in serious suits multiple times a night at the casinos.
  •  It’s perfectly acceptable to walk around Vegas with an open drink; people don’t even think twice. It’s Vegas!
  • The taxes around here are only allowed to pick-up and drop-off passengers at designated taxi stands.
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