Action, Drama, and the Sitcom

The Top Three Television Shows You Should Be Watching and Why

AMC’s The Walking Dead

Now in season three, The Walking Dead brings the heat with more action, surprising deaths, and the introduction of a slew of new characters, both friend and foe. If you enjoy gore, drama, heavy Southern accents, and sudden explosions, this is the show for you. If you don’t know too much about The Walking Dead, here’s what you need to know—after zombies have overrun the world, a pretty badass band of survivors led by a former sheriff named Rick, have learned what it takes to stay alive. Using any means necessary, from arrows and knives, to a chair leg and good ole fashion stomping, these characters know how to put down a “walker” (the term they use for zombies) and anyone else threatening to bring harm to the group. The zombies look amazing, the gore is highly realistic (more so in HD), anyone can be killed off at any moment, and the drama between group members combined with explosive action are the reasons why 12.3 million viewers tune in Sunday nights and why you should start.

BBC’s Downton Abbey

Maybe you’ve heard your co-workers or friends talking about this show. Maybe you know nothing about it. If you like period dramas, Maggie Smith, quick-witted zingers, intense drama, and shocking surprises, you should catch up on Downton Abbey, which airs on PBS in the states (or online). When we first meet the British Aristocratic family Downton Abbey centers on, it is 1912 and the Titanic has just sunk. By season three, which wrapped up last night in the U.S., the show has jumped to the 1920’s. It is easy to become attached to the flawed characters, who, although wealthy and living pretty cushy lives, are not immune to leading troubled lives. The show also centers on their servants, who are just as interesting to watch, if not more so. There is war, death, financial woes, unplanned pregnancies, unorthodox marriages, love triangles, British accents, and again, Maggie Smith. If this sounds like your cup of tea, waste no time by jumping on the bandwagon to fall for this award winning program.

ABC’s Modern Family

Now four seasons in, Modern Family continues to maintain its status as a popular, entertaining, and pretty hilarious sitcom. The name of the show is highly fitting as it centers on a quirky, diverse, somewhat unorthodox family. We follow the patriarch of the family, Jay, who is remarried to a gorgeous Colombian woman named Gloria. He is also step-father to Manny, and father to Claire and Mitchell. Claire is married to goofball real estate agent Phil, and together they have three children—somewhat ditzy and clueless Haley, smart, slightly nerdy Alex, and accident prone Luke. Mitchell is an uptight lawyer who is married to an overly dramatic former clown and farmer, Cameron. Together, this couple (who are gay) have adopted a Vietnamese baby they named Lily, who is now a fierce little girl with some real zingers. Viewers watch the family’s antics each week, from Mitchell destroying his house, with intense music playing in the background as he battles a pigeon that accidentally got in, to Claire and Phil’s three kids walking in on them having sex. Each member brings their own unique craziness to the table, and when you put everyone together, it makes for one entertaining episode. If you’re in the mood for comedy, to feel some joy, or looking to stave away the winter blahs, click on Modern Family—you’ll fall in love in just one episode.


USA’s Psych

What: A TV show following the crazy antics of Shawn, a guy who claims to have psychic powers he uses to help solve crimes with the help of his friend Gus, and his father Henry, a former police detective. Aside from his father and Gus, Shawn has everyone fooled, including the police department he works for and his girlfriend, Juliet, a detective on the force.

Why: Shawn and Gus make for an incredibly hilarious team who find themselves getting into insane predicaments every week. Tune in for the loveable characters, the entertainment, the comedy, and to see Gus scream and run away like…well, like Gus.

Where: USA Network, Season 7 premieres February 27th at 10 PM.


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