Know When to Get Stuff Cheap: February

It’s no secret that certain times of the year come with sales on certain items.  Holidays and seasonal changes mean that stores, both online and off, need to get rid of old stock to make room for the new stuff.  Even different days of the week can offer better savings than others.  Why pay full price for things you can get on sale?


What to Buy in February

  • Chocolate.  Today is the day that all of those Valentine’s Day sweets need to get tossed out to make room for Easter candy.  You can find chocolates and candy on sale for up to 90% off in some places (I say this with personal experience at my local Walgreens).  If you have a serious sweet tooth, stock up!
  • Winter coats and winter clothes.  Maybe you already have a jacket, but maybe it’s seen better days.  Clothing stores assume that by January, everyone has a coat, especially if you live in a colder climate, so the only way stores can move merchandise.  With spring on the way, new fashions are on the way in, and if you are more concerned about getting a good deal than getting the latest trend, then get yourself to the mall this month, even if you put the clothes into storage.  Give your winter wardrobe a makeover so that this year, come November, you’ll already have new clothes and will be able to look and feel good without spending a fortune.
  • Electronics.  The International Consumer Electronics Show happened last month.  That’s where all the big companies get to showcase their new products.  And if you haven’t learned yet, in with the new means out with the old.  Admittedly, electronics change as quickly as fashion, so you can get cheap electronics a lot of the time (August back-to-school sales? Yes please!), but as people start ditching perfectly good tech for new tech, you can save big on the cool gadgets you couldn’t afford before.

One of my favorite sales tips, though, goes on all year:  buy your groceries on Wednesday.  Most stores start their weekly sales items on Wednesday, but you can also catch last week’s deals.  Because they’re making changes to inventory, they need to get rid of food that is close to its expiration date, so as long as you don’t let it sit in your fridge for a month, you’ll find some great deals.  Also, check out this interactive map to find out what fruits and vegetables are in season around the country to get the freshest produce.

Don’t limit yourself because you have a limited budget.  The right timing means more bang for you buck.


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