Easy fun: Homemade movie theater


Kids have lots of energy. Most of the time I’m envious of their constant movement and their ability to tell endless stories. However, some times–whether it’s rainy, snowy or just one of those days–parents and babysitters need to be prepared for the ceaseless playing.

Making a homemade movie theater is a way to keep the kids busy and you probably have all the supplies necessary already in your home.

Supplies: Paper, scissors, markers, tape, a movie, and stuffed animal friends.



1. Choose the movie

I like the idea of a movie over kids watching multiple shows because a movie is more of an experience for them, and maybe they get to watch a movie with you that you watched growing up (they always love that). Depending on the age, you can choose appropriately, but I always find a good family movie in the “free movies” section in the family genre.

Ages 3-5 The Muppet Movie, The Rescuers, Finding Nemo, The Chipmunks

5-7 Little Rascals, Ice Age, Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo

8+ Because of Winn-Dixie, Karate Kid, Hook

2. Draw a movie theater sign

This can be done using poster board, or if you don’t have poster board just tape pieces of paper together and have everyone color in the sign. You can even think of a name for the theater!


3. Make the tickets

The tickets can be little pieces of paper that you cut up. Any paper will do, if you have older kids, they might want to write the movie name and time, younger kids may want to draw pictures.



4. Get the audience together.


6. Go to the movies and save the sign for next time!


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