Bhaston Pahking

Even garages get creative with parking spots.

Even garages get creative with parking spots.

I’ve lived in the Boston area my entire life and I still get lost. I’ve never liked public transportation. And I continue to get ripped off by Boston parking establishments now and then. However, over the years, I have learned new routes by getting lost, learned to accept the public transportation system when I’ve needed it, and found some decent places to park without handing over a week’s worth of salary. (Okay, that’s obviously an exaggeration, but $20-$30 for parking, sometimes for just one hour? Please.)

There are some ways to park in Boston without spending a huge amount of money. While it does depend on how often you park, and for how long, I’ve found there are moderately priced garages, especially after 5 PM and on weekends, and, in addition, there are printable coupons easily found online that you can bring to the garage to use as a discount.

If you are looking for some affordable parking in Boston, here is a list of a few places to help you get started.

Avery Street Boston Common Theatre Parking Garage

The gist:

After 5 PM, on weekends, and up to 3 hours any day will cost you $15 with the coupon

Any 6 hours will cost $20 with the coupon

Any 24 hours will cost $25 with the coupon

You can use the self-help parking (basically valet parking) and it doesn’t cost anymore. Sometimes it’s a good option to use if you have trouble finding a spot right away. You might want to tip the guys who work there a couple of dollars, but you won’t be charged extra for this method of parking. Remember to bring your ticket with you to the lobby, where you hand over the coupon before leaving and you will get a yellow ticket to submit into the pay machine once you put in your regular parking ticket. And voila, discount is administered.


Government Center Parking Garage

The gist:

This parking garage is more typical of Boston garages. The daily maximum rate is $30 but after 5 PM up until 5 AM and on weekends it only costs $11. That’s not too shabby if you’re only going into Boston for the night or the weekend.

Boston Central Parking Coupons

This website will give you a list of garages in the area and shows which ones are eligible for coupons.


Boston Neighborhoods

Hopefully this will help you get started in finding more affordable Boston parking in the future. Drive safely!


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