Surviving the Cold – Without Heat

Last week, Boston experienced frigid temperatures.  The mornings were in the teens and the nights were in the single digits.  If you didn’t have a reason to be outside, you were inside a warm, toasty home.  But what if that wasn’t the case?  At my home, it was only slightly warmer than the outside temperatures.  Our heating system, an old school furnace, decided to go to furnace heaven – leaving my family and I in a freezing hell.

How did we manage without heat?  We used old school survival skills and I’m sharing them with you.

1.  Don’t Panic!

Yes…it was beyond cold. But excessive worrying didn’t help the situation.  Stay calm.

2. Assess your options

 a. Check your heating system – can it be fixed?

b.  If your heating system can be fixed and the cost is affordable, have the equipment repaired.

c. If your system can’t be fixed and/or if it’s not affordable, what are your alternatives? Ask a repairman, search online, talk with family, and friends.

d. Portable heating systems – purchase from retailers such as Walmart, Home Depot, Target, and Bed & Bath

e. Your Stove –  the top of the stove can be a great heat source.  In addition, the oven is another good source of heat. However, don’t keep your oven on for too long or you will burn out the coil.

f. Clothing – Layer it up!  Sweats  were verrrry popular in my home last week.

g. Blankets –  At night, layer blankets on the bed. The human body generates heat quite quickly.

We survived the cold and you can too.  It just takes a little ingenuity and a determined spirit.







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