Downhill Skiing 101

Swish, swish.

Swish, swish.

Now that winter has rolled around once again, you have heard people talking about it. Co-workers and friends disappear on weekends to go do it. But you have never tried it before. I’m talking about downhill skiing. For those of you newbies out there, here are some quick tips to help you out during your first time skiing.

  • Wearing jeans to ski in is a baddddd idea. Be prepared with all the gear you need, including a hat, gloves, scarf, and sunglasses or goggles of some sort. Otherwise, you will find yourself with one cold bum, numb legs, and your wallet will be a good deal lighter from buying a crazy hat with speakers built in, purchased at the resort shop.
  •  Remember to unstrap all of the straps when putting your boots on. Yes, this may sound like a dumb tip, but you would be surprised how difficult it can be to shove on those ski boots. While you’re at it, make sure your boots are a good fit; you don’t want them to come loose or have your feet moving around when you’re skiing.
  •  ALWAYS face your skis across the mountain when you are stopped, because otherwise you may find yourself sliding backwards down a hill…and that’s never good.
  •  If you do wind up falling (as many of us do during our first ski attempts), take one ski off to get back up.
  •  ALWAYS lean forward with your shins against your boots and your bum tucked in. Although it can be hard to remember, don’t stick your bum out, unless you happen to be trying to pull some sort of dance move on the slopes, but even then, it’s not recommended.
  •  When learning how to slow down or stop remember the word “pizza.” The wider “V” shape you make with your skis, the slower you will go.This guy happens to explain it in a thorough, yet, somewhat awkward way.
  • Try not to crash into the little kids learning how to ski. I don’t think the instructors or the parents or the kids would appreciate that. I’m not saying that happened to me, but the bunny slopes, which will be the ones you start out on, tend to be filled with little kids.

So remember some of these basic tips and you’ll be good to go. It doesn’t hurt to grab a lesson. These days there are tons of great deals and coupons for skiing. Enjoy and good luck!

Note the poor choice of jeans...

Note the poor choice of jeans…


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