Parmesan Crisps: the best recipes have fewer than three ingredients

Parties are a great chance to wind down from a stressful day: friends, food, good conversation, and an excuse to push any impending deadlines to the back of your mind. Music plays in the background as you take one more cookie from the plate and listen to conversations about significant others or the latest TV episodes.
DSC00075However, this peaceful mentality is crushed as soon as you are involved in the actual party planning. What time works for everyone? You should probably clean first… And what about allergies?! This weekend, I attended a dinner party that, thankfully, was hosted at another person’s house. The only thing required from me was an appetizer. Easy. Potentially. Even the simplest dish can have sneaky problems—finding the time, the container to bring it in, and maintaining its correct temperature are all things I regularly find tricky. After working all day, I need a recipe that is simple and requires little time. I have just such a recipe.
DSC00070Maybe the best thing about making these Parmesan Crisps is that you don’t need to measure anything. Sure, you could. But why waste the time and energy? Just start throwing things in a bowl, and by “things” I mean the cheese and whatever herb you feel like using. I tend to go for some thyme or oregano, but parsley is fine. So is basil or rosemary. I was serious when I said this recipe is simple.

Parmesan Crisps

Time for some honesty, there is one drawback to this recipe. But it’s minor. You’re going to need some parchment paper. I have also used foil with lots of baking spray. Just find something to keep the cheese from sticking.

4 oz Parmesan (I’d say a chunk about the size of your fist)
2 tsp chopped herbs (about what would fit in your palm)

Preheat your oven to 350oF.
In a bowl, grate the cheese using the biggest sized grater you have. I’m talking the hole size here. Throw in the herbs and toss together. Using a teaspoon, drop the mixture on a parchment paper lined baking sheet. Flatten out with your hands to make a 3” circle.
Pop in the oven for 6 min. Remove when the crisps start to look…crispy.
Let cool and serve. Or pile onto a paper plate and get yourself to that party!


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